From a stellar drummer in Canada... 

"Have had my @plungeaudio Producers for a while now and finally have a chance to tell you about them.

First off, they look spectacular right ? Attention to ALL detail is Simon Fisks game.

I have used them on lots of recording sessions, live shows, charting songs and while travelling.

They have been in my ears for 2-3 hours at a time and they are so comfortable, I honestly forget I have them in.

So how do they sound ? The very first thing I noticed was listening to a Steely Dan record that I had heard hundreds of times and all of a sudden I was hearing detail and parts that I have never heard before.

On stage and in the studio, the sonic detail in all frequencies are quite astounding. Warmth and detail in the high frequencies of vocals and guitars, and so much body and fullness in the low end of drums and bass.

I so glad that I took the Plunge and invested in such an amazing, forward thinking Canadian company."

Jayson Brinkworth

Simon Fisk