Review from Switzerland...

Hi Simon,

I use my Analog Sub Elite in-ear for one and a half month. I could test them 4-5 times in live conditions, and a lot of time on rehearses with my 3 bands. In fact, I also use them to listen to music while traveling by train... :-D

The first impression is just visual. The aesthetic is exactly as I had thought, the finish is perfect. They are beautiful... I plug them into my ears. The comfort is incredible. I could wear them for hours and forget them. They go as deep as possible into the ear canal, without going too far. I could speak, sing, laugh, and they never move. But I have to remove them to speak to my friends, because the sound insulation is amazing. :-)

About the sound now : At the first try, I had to cut a lot of bass, because they are made for bassist (and my old ones wasn't) ! In fact, the sound is extremely wide, clear - but not aggressive -, deep (how is it possible to be clear and deep at the same time ?). Basses are tight and thick, very precises, but present and deep.

I have to add a word about the service, it's just great, incredible, amazing, and full of words like that. Its just an obious thing to see that you love your job ! And that's the best way to do the best IEM.

You're a wizard. Thanks a lot for all !



Simon Fisk