“Had my first show on the weekend with the new ears – a nice wedding so it was good…
That was the best mix I’ve ever had by a long shot, and I was running out monitors offstage. Super clear, and during the set I could still hear the reverb coming off of the guitar player’s amp! Part way through sound check I reached over and shut my bass amp off, because I had all the bottom I ever needed out of the monitors. I can’t say enough about these man, you’ve blown me away!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Matthew Facca

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Simon Fisk

Working into the wee hours of the morning, tweaking the new engineer model, shifting things by 1 or 2 dB where I need it, pulling every ounce of life out of every driver, I get lost in this world of sound. Then, a lovely little email arrives from a client and pulls me into the reality of why I’m doing this.  I love creating sound that inspires people, that makes people want to play and listen to music.

I’m so grateful to all the incredible artists with whom I get to work with.  Thank you for supporting my endeavours.

“Hey Simon,

I received my IEM and got to use them for a few gigs this week. They sound AMAZING! They fit well, look great, and sound even better. Money well spent. You have/make an amazing product and I will use your company whenever possible. 
Thanks for everything.”
Tyler Amundsen

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Simon Fisk

Some more lovely feedback….thanks Nick!

Hey Simon! So, the package arrived in record time and I’ve had a few weeks with these bad boys. I gotta say, they are incredible. The seal is tight, the fit is perfect (took a little getting used to, is it’s my first pair of proper monitors. Now I put them on/take them off with no hesitation). And the sound is unbelievable — I’ve never had a pair of in-ears that come even CLOSE to the clarity of these. 
I’ve gone on jogs with them, and come Monday I’ll be putting them to use on stage for the first time \m/, 
Thank you so much for being so professional with your work. 
Looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) more from you! 
Nick Springthorpe 

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Simon Fisk

I really do have the most amazing clients.  Thank you all!  Here is a quick enthusiastic review…

“Dude!!!! These are so baller!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

They sound and look amazing!!!! I’m seriously blown away!!!”


Analog Elite Sub

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Simon Fisk

This takes many many coats of lacquar and sanding, but, the results are really beautiful. Custom ‘teal’ Analog Intro’s.  These are not entry level, they are designed for a really beefy, punchy low end, slight mid scoop and elevated highs.  For those wanting color and signature shape.  If your listening to acoustic jazz or singer songwriter, no, but you got some Aphex Twin or Flying Lotus going on, YEP!

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Simon Fisk

I love working closely with my clients on sound, design, fit, and driver scenario. The Guru’s are just that, custom designed on every level just for you. Custom designed circuitry and driver setup to achieve the sound your looking for.  Custom artwork, faceplates, shell color, cable and packaging all included. As well  as the ultimate in customer service, fit shells and demo monitors.  

These are the first set for an amazing client in Saskatoon.  Pretty cool dude wanting the Plunge logo on them. White pinstripe, maple tops to match his dream bass.  This is a custom three port, five driver scenario designed for him. One of a kind.

Enjoy my friend! Thanks for the amazing project.

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Simon Fisk

Yeah, I continue to work on these.  Everyone wears different helmets with various communication devices.  These turned out pretty slick, and got the Analog Elite circuit in the low profile.

New sockets, hifi cables, and cables with built in mics on their way!

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Simon Fisk