ANALOG PRODUCER (Custom Package)

ANALOG PRODUCER (Custom Package)


Full custom version of the Producer model. Shell Color, Custom Faceplates, Custom Artwork/logo, bass response options as well as mixed wire cable choices.

The Producers have become to go to model for all applications. The clarity, presence and bass response provide the ultimate sound for stage performance. The Producers are alive, open and transparent with a deep bed of sub lows and clean smooth mids. This model is a go to for any instrument, voice, or just listening. (Now comes standard with Custom OCC Silver/Copper upgrade cable)

  • Features/Specs:

  • Second order low pass filter

  • Single high pass filter

  • Multi filter two way crossover design

  • Dual sound bore

  • Custom OCC wire cable (hand braided/twisted)


I thrive on working directly with you on design.  Please contact Simon Fisk @ 1-403-973-4057 to discuss other color choices, custom artwork, cable options.

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