These badboys are a few years in the making and now they have arrived. A true natural acoustic crossover utilizing two unique drivers with no sound dampening to flatten resonant peaks. A clean 5hz to 20khz and beyond with no mid scoop and just enough resonant flow through the high mids and highs to create a warm, deeply musical soundstage. The low mid and sub low response is remarkeably deep and enveloping while providing a focused anchor for the overall image. The dual super tweeter and dual low/sub drivers are uninterrupted by sound dampening. With the new OCTAV integration (Open Canal Tuned Acoustic Volume) imaging is now customizeable (and perhaps more importantly) provides a remarkeable barrier for wax and moisture protection. The Unities are designed for performance, designed to create and designed to unite performer with audience without limitation.

"Unity liberates, freedom unites."

  • Poly High Pass Filter

  • dual low, dual tweeter

  • dual sound bore

  • custom tuning / imgaging

  • Custom OCC 7N Alloy Litz, hand braided/twisted cable

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