The design was to get a natural flat response from 5hz to 16khz from fewer drivers and utilizing one crossover point. The idea was to create room in the shell to offer twice the thickness, and bombproof structural integrity, hence, ROAD engineer. 

Another integrated design feature was to create a deep acoustic chamber (AKA bellbore) that highlighted the extended high frequency response while nearly eliminating wax and moisture issues. Dual 3mm sound bores, recessed sockets, UV cure epoxy attached components, and a custom TPUwrapped 4 wire OCC hand braided cable (Silver or copper) round out these road warriors. 

  • two way crossover
  • 5hz-20khz natural flat response
  • Quad driver configuration
  • custom OCC silver / copper cable
  • 1.25mm thick shell with special curing process
  • UV epoxy lined and attached interior components (Opaque shells only)


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