UNITY 5 Electrostatic

UNITY 5 Electrostatic


The Unity 5 (Electrostatic) brings forth the superb warmth and clarity of Electrostatic speakers to the in ear realm.  Paired with a dual balanced armature sub woofer and super high single tweeter with damperless poly low pass filtering, the seperation, clarity, and imaging is remarkeable. From incredibly smooth, present vocals to the unparalleled separation of bass and kick drum, these are a vocalists and bass players dream alike.

  • 4 Way crossover

  • Dual Electrostatic tweeter

  • Dual Balanced Armature low sub/sub with Poly pass filtering

  • Single super high BA tweeter

  • Damperless low/high pass filters

  • OCTAV Tech Integrated

  • 8 wire OCC Alloy cable

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