May 29/19

Hi Simon.

I am writing to tell you that I love your amazing in ear monitors. To be honest, when I first got it, I misunderstood them completely. It was great at monitoring my guitar playing – I could completely figure out all the nuances of instruments. However, it didn’t give me a good music listening experience. I listen to variety of music but lots of pop and rock. The IEMs were just too different from normal headsets
that I used to use. After months of use and comparing to other headsets, I finally figured out the reason for different experience and how wrong I have been when I was listening to music. I figured out that modern day headsets and its EQ focus way too much on bringing up highs and lows while scooping out mids. Only thing I used to hear from those setting is accentuated vocals and "fake" bass. I think this is so that cheap headsets can give users fake "roomy" experience. I was so used to this skewed preset and took me a while to
figure out that it was a bad approach to enjoy music. With your IEMs, I can finally listen to everything, all those other elements that make a song great.

I wish that people start using these balanced and HiFi product so that they can listen to music in its true form. People should know that there are many other elements that comprise music and start digging
dipper. Then music scene as whole will keep on improving.

Anyway, that was tons of rambling. Your IEM is fantastic and can’t listen to music without them anymore. Also, I have to stress that this, by far, outperforms any in terms of fit and ear fatigue. I can
probably sleep with it!

Great product! Wish you the best.


Mar 3/18

I had a wonderful show (with new ears), to me, it is a game changer. My good friend got a set from you and he told me it sounds just like our big PA in our Ottawa shop. I couldn't believe it would be like it. And is it ever just like it. Not sure if you know Meyer Sound, we bought their big PA that came out recently called the LEO and I had never heard anything like it. Well your IEMs are just like it. 

Let me know how much those cables go for... I will buy a set for myself. I love em. And great job on the molds the fit so great, perfect seal. Every buddy asked me to pull ewm out just to look at em! You pulled it off really well with the punisher logo and the clear orange. 

Frank Mainville (monitor engineer)


Nov 15/17


I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. The Producers are amazing. The fit is damn near perfect. I’ve taken them out on quite a few gigs and every single time I can’t believe how clear my mix has become. I turn the overheads up in my ears and it’s like sitting behind my kit and hearing it naturally, but with a volume control! It’s crazy. I can’t wait to get some Engineers one day.

Now to get my hands on a custom cable….

Thank you again. Can’t wait to work with you again some day soon!



Apr 12/17

Day one wi new monitors was just incredible. There are no words. Totally outstanding sound quality and the outboard mics are outstanding in tonal quality and flexibility. Thanks man!

Michelle Gregoire - pianist extraordinaire

Apr 7/17

"Have had my @plungeaudio Producers for a while now and finally have a chance to tell you about them.

First off, they look spectacular right ? Attention to ALL detail is Simon Fisks game.  I have used them on lots of recording sessions, live shows, charting songs and while travelling.  They have been in my ears for 2-3 hours at a time and they are so comfortable, I honestly forget I have them in.  So how do they sound ? The very first thing I noticed was listening to a Steely Dan record that I had heard hundreds of times and all of a sudden I was hearing detail and parts that I have never heard before.  On stage and in the studio, the sonic detail in all frequencies are quite astounding. Warmth and detail in the high frequencies of vocals and guitars, and so much body and fullness in the low end of drums and bass.

I so glad that I took the Plunge and invested in such an amazing, forward thinking Canadian company."

Jayson Brinkworth

April 5/17

"Btw, I'm gonna kiss you when I see you...so there's that 😘" (after hearing his Road Engineers!)

Lyle Molzan - drummer

Jan 31/27

Finally got home from some time on the road, and got the chance to try out my new IEMs from Simon Fisk. Whoa. Game changer. I HIGHLY recommend Plunge Audio to any musicians who haven't yet tried Simon's. The fit is incredible, the sound next level, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't tangle this cable if I tried.

Jess Moskaluke

Jan 31/17

So, this is about 4 months past due. My apologies for leaving it this long, but here goes! After a few months of toiling over my IEM situation, and after a gentle push from @simonfiskmusic I pulled the trigger! I ordered his stage engineers and man oh man, I'm glad I did! The fit is impeccable, his attention to detail is unmatched, and the client focused customer service he provides is invaluable. 

Now, for the sound. Where do I start? As a freelance guy, I find myself getting thrown into all types of situations from upright bass folk sessions to full on pop and country productions, so versatility was my #1 request and he freakin nailed it! The lows are warm, the mids and highs don't poke out like other IEMs I've tried and even at low volume, I can get plenty of bottom without sacrificing clarity or the feeling of having stage volume. 

I don't often say this about gear... but I should've ordered these years ago! Do not hesitate to chose @simonfiskmusic and #plungeaudio for your next set of IEMs because they are simply the best! I've transformed from a terrible bass player to super average! 

Travis Switzer (CCMA bass player of the year 2016)

Jan 12/17

So here's a few thoughts (so far) on my new in-ears from Plunge Audio (Simon Fisk). First of all, this is my third set of (serious) IEM's. Each has been great and I've been blessed with great reps with the companies. However the difference with my new Plunge Audio ears is quite amazing. Of course both my UE's and FutureSonic's have had hundreds, if not thousands of shows on each one so I don't expect them to sound like they did when they were new, but there are some pretty exciting differences with the Plunge Audio set.  

First of all the cables on these things are "industrial" (a good thing)! I'm sure in a pinch I could power my house with these! But in saying that, they aren't clunky or hard to work with. Also the connections to the in-ears are solid. One of the problems I had with the other IEM's is the cables would "pop" out of them during shows. These ones are tight with great connectors. The fit was incredible. Also my other ears always had "leakage" when I sang high notes. The Plunge Audio ones fit perfect first time and in my attempts to break the seal in my ears I had to do an extreme over exaggeration of an open mouth to make them open even the slightest.  
Now the sound! Again, my old in-ears have been through a lot of shows and are a bit tired but I was blown away right out of the gate with the Plunge Audio ears. I put on the new album from my friends Toque, as I know the players, producer, studio, mixer, etc. All I can say is compared to my other IEM's the Plunge Audio ears were "larger", "wider", "deeper", "higher"! It's hard to describe but it's almost like going from mono to stereo. A bit of a stretch I know but sonically these are as wide as the great outdoors. So many frequencies that were weak or missing were all of a sudden there. Super clean, even at high volumes and the lows aren't overpowering. Overall I couldn't be happier. Of course listening to recorded music compared to a live situation isn't the best test but with all frequencies being clear and tight I'm sure they will be just as impressive in a live situation.
One more thing, service. Others have mentioned how Simon goes above and beyond with any service requirements. He was gracious enough to meet us at our hotel when we were in Calgary on a gig to talk to us about his products and to do the ear impressions. When you meet a person who is so passionate about what they do and are extremely detailed oriented, you know they are going to do their best to make the best product for you. Simon didn't disappoint and I look forward to a long relationship with Plunge Audio (Simon Fisk).  
Oh yeah, did I mention THEY'RE CANADIAN!!! Love supporting our own folks (especially when they make great products)!
Aug 29/16

Simon... used the monitors with a real sound guy doing ears. They sounded unreal, super clear response, high hats were clear and shiny, acoustic guitar cut through with a brilliant shimmer, and the kick drum was focused and punchy. Let's talk about that bass, holy smokes! Heard my Pbass like I have never heard it before through ears. Rich and full sounding, all the fundamental and the signature mid scoop of a P was present. Everything felt so alive, so much energy. I'm blown away!!! Took one ear out just to see what the stage sound was like and didn't realize how quite the stage was, the ears sounded huge!!!!! 

Shane Hendrickson (Aaron Prichett, Natalie Mcmaster)

Mike Cann (bassist)

Aug 20/16
Well Simon,

I’m sitting here in the hotel in Vancouver, listening to the setlist for the show tonight, and these puppies are spot on.
Flat just as I like it, but nice and roomy. EXACTLY what I was looking for. They sound perfect. No need to change a thing.

Thanks so much. And they fit great. I’ve been wearing them for almost 2 hrs straight with no discomfort.

I’m going to try the musician plugs tonight while the openers play. I may need some quieter filters, but I’ll let you know.
Thanks again Simon.

Aug 19/16

Hi Simon!
Hey, just thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know that after a number of weeks of use I have absolutely fallen in love with my Analog Elite Subs! The clarity and definition is amazing and the bottom end is perfect! It's super punchy yet still nice and thick, all without clouding the mix, awesome work on the tuning! I can seriously listen to these for hours without any fatigue. Thanks again for the IEMs!
Best regards,
Ryan Lawrie


Aug 12/16

Dude!!!! These are so baller!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

They sound and look amazing!!!! I'm seriously blown away!!!


July 25/16

Now that I’ve used these a couple hundred times…(5 driver)

They’ve been great! I’ve never been happier with custom in-ears, even when the mix is less than ideal due to limited time or equipment or engineer skill. Doing live theatre with the active ambient mics was a dream come true. I even forgot I was wearing them backstage a couple of times. With my UE7s, punchy and lively as they were, I always found myself pulling one out.
I haven’t used them purely as musicians’ plugs yet, but I hear that works well also. Great to have as a singer, saxophonist, and keyboardist.


Brett Ziegler

June 17/16

Hey Simon! 

So, the package arrived in record time and I've had a few weeks with these bad boys. I gotta say, they are incredible. The seal is tight, the fit is perfect (took a little getting used to, is it's my first pair of proper monitors. Now I put them on/take them off with no hesitation). And the sound is unbelievable -- I've never had a pair of in-ears that come even CLOSE to the clarity of these. 
Thank you so much for being so professional with your work. 

Looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) more from you! 
Nick Springthorpe 


May 16/16

Hi Simon, the monitors look and sound great.. I love them.. The band is gigging in a couple weeks.. I'm expecting some envious teammates.. Thanks again..

Glen Hrycauk

April 2/2016

"open clear extended low end, punching and warm mids, smooth high end. I'm describing as I hear through them. Very musical pair of ears, piece of art, I'm in love. Amazing look, perfect fit. I hear everything! I couldn't be happier, thank you thank you thank you!! I hope Paul already took care of you, hopefully we can work on the Analog Engineer soon. I hope to see you in any of our dates in Calgary to thank you in person."

Allan Casillas, Mavericks Monitor Engineer

Dec 6/15
Hey man,
... here is a synopsis of my experience with the new Analog Elites:
- High end for days. I am hearing parts and nuances within the tracks, guitars, hi-hats, etc. without having to turn them up in my mix, simply because there is a new breadth of clarity in the top end frequencies. Furthermore, I can turn my mix up nice and loud, and even though the clarity remains, it’s always smooth/never harsh sounding on top. 
- The low end is super tight, very growly, and very responsive. I feel like I can play with more accuracy and confidence with how my bass sounds/responds through these ears. 

- The way you fit your monitors is next level. It’s nearly impossible for me to break the seal, meaning I can be smiling big, singing big, or making weird-ass bass faces without losing the seal and thereby losing the bass in my mix. 

- I even love how light they are. This adds to the overall comfort and long-term wearability of the monitor. 

I think that’s it for now. Overall, these are the best monitors on the planet!
- Justin Kudding , bassist (Brett Kissel)

Dec 5/15

I have had a chance to work with my new "Analog Elite" in ears for a few weeks now...not sure why I didn't do this sooner. They've proven to be stellar in a live setting and when I'm in the studio. The depth I'm able to hear in my productions has allowed me to fine tune things at a level I have not been able to do before.

Thank you Simon for the relentless perfection you seek in your product that makes us all better at our craft. 
Brad Prosko Production

Nov 3/2015

On the new 'Analog reference elite'...


These monitors have legitimately re-ignited a love for listening to music that had somewhat faded over time within my professional career. 

Can’t wait to try them on the gig!!
- Justin Kudding,  bassist (Brett Kissel)

Oct 31/2015

Hey man,

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks again for the killer monitors. They sound fantastic! Lots of low end, and sparkly highs. I've got a few gigs into them now and I don't know why I waited this long. 

Also, they are amazing for plane rides. You stick em in and can't hear anything. So great. 

Thanks again,

Mitch Jay

Oct 30/2015
Ray Banman

Hey man, someone told me they saw my name on your website, so I went online to check it out.... "Banman blue", I love it! Lol

Again, thanks so much. My custom ears have changed everything to do with my music. I no longer bring a bass rig to shows! Sometimes they provide me with one but I'll only use it if the rest of the band needs bass on stage and don't want it from their wedges. When I have a sound guy who gives me a stereo mix I'm in heaven! I can hear myself so clearly that it's significantly changed how I play and my touch on the strings.

Thanks again

Oct 6/2015

Plunge Audio's attention to sonic detail has proven to be on par if not advancing the major leaguers.

I was a little nervous turning over my $1,600 eight driver IEM's from another company to Plunge Audio for a reshell. They refit my eight driver system into new custom shells and replaced the damaged tweeters. They also tuned the other drivers and balanced the frequency spectrum. They now sound so good that I get goosebumps in rehearsal. 

I never realized how important a proper seal and a well balanced spectrum is until Simon dazzled my ears. I'm inspired! I endorse Plunge and recommend you go try them. 

Kyle McKearney

March 8/2015

These in ears are literally saving my ears right now! We've played some really loud venues on this tour and no ringing!!! Love them! Taking me a little while to get used to them live but I love being able to hear after the show. Also blocks the high pitch drunk people at the merch table!!! Lots of musicians asking me about them. Hopefully you get more business soon! Thanks again man!
Jonathon Williams
March 6/2015

Frank Noseworthy

March 5 at 6:18pm

Picked up my Custom In - Ear Monitors from Simon Fisk (Plunge Audio) today. Simon re-did the ear molds and added an extra driver. I had ambient mics installed a couple of moths back!! These things are freakin AWESOME!! Listening to tunes with these in and I have to sit on a towel!! Awesome bass punch, clear crisp hi-hat, cymbal sound! Simon has these tweaked out perfectly!! I can hear the transients in the music!! Simon Fisk, I love ya Bro, but you're a frackin, freak of an audio dude!! You scare the crap outa me with your great service, and great products!! Can't ever imagine playing without these puppies!! Beats the livin crap outa those big ugly, and heavy floor wedges ten ways from Sunday!!!!!!

January 11, 2015
 In my 20 plus years in the studio I’ve never heard anything that even comes close to the fullness and dimensional imaging that these monitors give. The truly flat, yet rich sound is any producer/engineers dream!"

"Oh wow, these monitors are just plain crazy!"

Aaron Young

 Jan 2015

 "The ears are sick! The low freq response is ridiculous! And amazingly flat. Thanks again dude! " 

 Steve Fletcher
Calgary, AB

Jan 2015 

 "These things saved me man - I listen to records on my way to the studio everyday in the car and I would have probably gone awol if I didn't have them (rush hour kills my soul). Being able to listen to great sounding music soothes me haha. And for tracking they are incredible man. Make tracking drums SO wicked!"

Spencer Cheyne
OCL studios Calgary

Dec 2014

Hello Simon

I don’t think I have thanked you for the in-ear monitors.

Now that I finally got them and figured out how they fit (I bugged Matt on that), I am so glad I got them. They fit great and do exactly what I wanted them to do.

Like I said, I work in a cubical environment and I wanted them for noise blocking but still have music. The other day, there was three guys having a meeting behind me and I never noticed. One of them had to sit on my desk before I noticed they were still there. Just what I wanted.

Thanks again.

I will passing a couple of them your name if they are looking for the same noise canceling.

Awesome job man. I’m sure I will be talking with you again someday for either upgrades or replacements. Maybe by that time, Matt will be working with you in your Saskatoon office!!

Geoff F.
Regina, sK

Dec 2014

Hey there – wanted to say thanks again for making me a set of wonderful “in-ear monitors”.
They were amazing!
I sang like crazy and didn’t strain my voice one bit.

Thumbs up!

Chantal T
Singer, Calgary

Sept 2014

Dual driver system...

OK, had them a while and had a chance to try them in a lot of different situations. They sound awesome, very focused and controlled. I'm working with electronic composition right now and the clarity and definition, and the focus of the bottom end, just crushes my last set of IEMs.

Kerry Galloway
Bassist, producer, composer

July 2014

"My new plunge audio ear monitors are truly amazing! I've been using them both live and in the studio and they are making my life a dream. They can handle all the different frequencies of the drums from the lows of the bass drum to the highs of the snare drum no problem. Even after using them for long periods of time my ears don't get sore at all. These things are very comfortable to use and I don't see myself ever going back to regular headphones. I highly recommend them!"

Mark Kelso

June 2014

"Dude these are seriously so unreal I'm still freaking out on how good they sound man!! Even that sub bass I feel like I'm in the club it's crazy! Thank you very much!! "

Carson Gant

May 2014

"Simply put, Simon Fisk is a genius. He's a cello/bass player, and knows music and frequencies well, and vicariously, what other musicians want. After a long haul of looking at in-ear companies, I stumbled upon this fella in Calgary by accident when I was on tour with Florida Georgia Line in Canada. I went to his studio and learned a ton about sound/in-ears and the insanely innovative stuff that Simon is working on.

Customer Service: He made my molds in 1 day. Crazy. Mostly because I was passing through and needed some in-ears immediately. I'd say that speaks for himself, but...He also walked alongside of me and actually made tweaks to my in-ears, just to show me what he can do/offer.

Quality: The molds are a much better fit than any molds I've had, particularly because Simon isn't afraid to make the molds a tad bit deeper than most companies. This, for the first time, has given me a great seal, given that my canals are pretty small. The sound of these quads are above any that I've tried/owned. I've even tried friends' in-ears who just happened to fit my ears pretty well (with a decent seal)...from Westone (5-drivers), Alien Ears, and even Ultimate Ears...Plunge Audio has taken the cake as far as my preference and what I'm hearing in my mix. The mix sounds huge, warm, but the clarity and excitement is still there. A certain "airy-ness" comes to mind, given that I can hear things that I haven't been able to hear, and without any strain. Its that feeling where you are sitting in front of studio monitors in a well-treated room. Balanced. They are balanced, but also still have enough character to make a live mix feel exciting. Same with my iTunes library or even with my mobile recording rig. Needless to say, unlike my previous in-ears, these will get used on stage and off of stage. I'm amazed at the results, and never really thought that I could get a pair of molds that are neutral enough to still sound exciting and lively.

When I'm able, I'll be getting Simon's ambient ports installed, as they are one-of-a-kind. The Plunge Audio technology is not being done by anyone else, and from other testimonials, they the most "realistic" ambient ports available. He has two different models of ambient ports. You will just have to read it to believe it. Go to his website for more info.

Thank you Simon for the great customer service and the impeccable product.

NOTE: I did not receive or ask for any endorsements in exchange for a "killer review," like some companies. I bought Simon's product at the usual price b/c I felt that he deserved it. So, this review is real just so you all know. Cheers!"

-Derek Drye

May 2014
Paul Deakin -Grammy winning founding member/drummer. The Mavericks

"You changed my world tonight brother. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for you having the dedication you have to your art. I've never experienced anything like this ever ever ever. You have made how I enjoy what I do exponentially better. My ears are not ringing in my arms are not cramped and I played more in the pocket and I have and a long time."

May 2014

"Hey Simon,
Guys are loving the ears. I think Paul sleeps with them in. Thanks for the help!"
Johnny Ellett
The Mavericks l Tour Manager


April 17, 2014

"I just received my plugs. Immediately I feel I can hear better, I hear birds, wind and music I couldn’t hear before. The enhancement effect is fantastic."

John Hyde-bassist

Feb 2014
"I finally had a chance late last night to audition the new buds. Simon. They are unreal. The separation and definition in the mix is ridiculous. I was checking out Dutilleux cello symphony and it was like being there. As close to an audiophile experience outside of a real stereo that I have ever had. EQ all flat and still a nice balance of bass and treble without that creepy smile EQ that are inherent to every pair of headphones I hear. True to the mix, 70's recordings sound darker in a realistic and appeasing way. 90's hiphop has that digital crush. Miles circa 60's sound just right. Photek recordings revealed some layers I had never noticed before.
All this to say I love em.
Robbin J. Harris