Relaxed, open jaw impressions. Second bend deep canals, full helix, no voids, high profile. Preauricle skin pit captured in impression.

Relaxed, open jaw impressions. Second bend deep canals, full helix, no voids, high profile. Preauricle skin pit captured in impression.


Impressions should be done by a qualified audiologist. This is perhaps the most important process for me to build you proper fitting monitors. With the jaw open and relaxed (I prefer no bite block), the impression material should fill the entire ear with no voids. A deep, second bend canal impression is necessary for proper fit, retention, and for minimization of the occlusion effect. It is recommended your audiologist show you the impressions once complete so you are confident they are done properly. A full helix is a must for proper retention, and good build up of material on the outer bowl of the ear is essential to create room for drivers and circuitry. The Preaurical skin pit should be included in the impression as this is where the cable enters the monitor shell, and provides a strong connection. Please contact me with any questions regarding impressions.



I am a one man shop here at Plunge, everything is made by hand, including hand braided cables and customized packaging.  My mission has always been to work openly and honestly with all my clients, to help wherever and however I can, and work with them to create an amazing on stage sonic environment.  Endorsement opportunities get created as we develop a strong working relationship together.

I currently can not offer any discounts or endorsements. Thanks for your understanding.



About Simon

I often get referred to as mad scientist or affectionately known as 'the Blacksmith' over here at Plunge. I guess there is a certain sense of madness, but not without intent.  My constant pursuit for incredible sound and creating the ultimate on stage environment haunts me, there is always a way to make something sound better, look better, or to create an even more magical stage environment.

The science follows my intuitive pursuit.  All the designs from Plunge Audio became designs because of the sound quality, stereo imaging and soundstage (as well as fit, seal and aesthetics).  The science then comes into play and pushes me further into expanding the sound stages I create in ear monitors.

I am consistently investigating new designs and design concepts.  An FFT graph may tell me a few things, or oscilloscope readings may lead me in other directions. Ultimately it is about sound, if it sounds great, it works.  




Here at Plunge Audio I pride myself on making products of the highest quality with attention to detail. 

All monitors are covered by a one year warranty on manufacturers defects. Damage to monitors from wax, moisture or misuse are not covered under warranty.  

Monitors are custom built for individual use, I cannot reuse any portion of custom built monitors, therefore I cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. 

Repairs outside of warranty are billed by shop hour at a rate of $50 /hr plus parts and return shipping.

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